"I listen to my Body.
Through the Voices of my 
Body I find my Truth!" 
















Release energetic blockades

Postural Allignment

Releasing old, and holding new, patterns in the fascia

Increased body and emotional awareness

Improvement of mobility

Increase depth of breath

Better posture and flexibility.

Improvement in athletic performance.

Improves recovery from trauma and injury.

Increases energy and feeling of well-being.

Psychological and emotional growth.

Greater body awareness.

Permission for emotional release

Clarity of mind

A sense of spaciousness

Release of physical and emotional pain with relaxation

Relief from chronic stress and pain.


Carola's way of relating to the clients is a rare one. She is able to be professional while sharing her charm with you. This mixture makes you feel comfortable: knowing that you are in well-qualified hands and at the same time meeting each other in a joyful informal way. 

Carola is able to create an atmosphere where you feel safe to surrender the bodywork experience in a very deep and pure way. She is totally present when she works with you, and that is what you feel so intensively. All your cells in your body get activated and bring back the attention to breath again. I highly recommend experience Carola's work, it's a gift!


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I would like to share an amazing session I had with Carola in BAHIA. I arrived in Piracanga using crutches to walk because of a severely damaged ankle I have from a motorcycle accident. Carola’s magic fingers released scar tissue and locked up energy that had been causing much pain. I was able to leave the session not having to use my crutches! Do not miss an opportunity to experience her beautiful work.



Since I work out a lot and live in a big city, my legs often feel heavy and tired.
Carola applied an Osho Rebalancing Session focusing specifically on my legs.
I was amazed how the massage`s soothing and softening effect spread over the treatment site of my body to my whole organism. New vitality started to flow through my body and my mind.
In the End, back on my feet again, I felt a great lightness and was very released.



What is OSHO Rebalancing?

Rebalancing was developed in the 1980's by a group of long-time bodywork practitioners. The idea was essentially to create a new form of bodywork that would take the best of the presently existing modalities and imbue them with a deeper perspective than was currently available. The main component of this new approach was to make awareness and meditativeness as a central feature of the work.


Osho Rebalancing utilizes a combination of deep tissue massage, joint tension release and energy balancing, combined with Osho Active Meditations, to counteract chronic holding patterns that contribute to pain and illness. Osho Rebalancing views the human body as much more than it's physical component, recognizing that the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are of as much importance to our totality.


OSHO Rebalancing is a form of body oriented awareness work, which brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essential unity of body, mind and heart. It works with a unique synthesis of body reading, connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body awareness training as well as emotions and their expression. As the body releases muscular rigidities and relaxes, energy is set free. At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns which imprison us can come into our awareness.

This helps us to a better understanding of ourselves and of our hidden potentials. Hereby we come closer to our innermost core, which enables us to live life more spontaneously and meaningfully.

The essence of Rebalancing is a loving, sensitive touch.

Bodywork is one of the finest arts and therefore not only a question of technique but at first an expression of love. Rebalancing sees the body as a priceless gift and not as a mechanism that needs to be" repaired". In this sense Rebalancing meets the uniqueness of each human being.

The treatment usually includes a series of 10 to 12 sessions. Though each session is complete in itself and one session is perfectly ok. A series of sessions has a powerful synergetic effect and allows the whole body to be systematically included. In this way it is suited to the individual history of the person, to their needs and to the challenges of their actual life situation.

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