I invite you to acknowledge and accept your feminine strength, to unveil the mysteries of your subconscious, to heal wounds and pains of the past, and to recall ancestral memories about your cyclic nature that will bring you back to the consciousness of your own potential!

I invite you to empower yourself, to be self-responsible and to live your Sacred Femininity in freedom, authenticity and spontaneity!

In the work, I do I will be sharing with you in a circle of women prayers and medicines which have brought me back to myself, with the intent to inspire and support your walk of reconnection and awakening!

We are here to live fully and support each other on this journey!
We are daughters of the Earth, Goddesses and the Infinity of the Universe!


This work is for you if you,


  • always were curious about the mysteries of being a woman

  • want to understand how your circle works

  • want to learn about the different feminine archetypes and how they influence your personal and emotional life

  • want to find out how you can use your full potential, using your creativity, productivity, etc in the most effective way 
  • want to redefine your connection to your menstrual blood

  • want to learn how to love your period

  • you want to stop filling your body with hormones

  • think you have had enough of premenstrual pain

  • you want to connect with your feminine strength and power

  • want to see women around you as sisters and not as competition

  • sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions

  • want to get out of an abusive relationship

  • want to learn to honor your body and stand for what it needs

  • you want to start using your feminine potential instead of judging yourself

  • are interested in practising self-love and self-care

  • want to listen more to the messages of your intuition

  • you want to start practising a sacred relationship with your own body and then with a partner

  • you want to connect with like-minded women

Sacred Femininity Revival Spiral Ceremony


In this ceremony, we share in front of the sacred fire, ancestral memories of our cyclical nature and the forces of the lunar phases, activating the awareness of our cyclicity, the portal of the connection of the woman with herself, the voice of the womb! It is the four internal phases that the woman transits, allowing her to experience in integrity the creation, death and rebirth, in all aspects of life, every lunar cycle. Realizing your natural cycle connects the woman with the understanding and acceptance of her emotions and bodily sensations, recognizing the mysteries of herself and life, to manifest in fullness the full power of being a woman.
We will draw and build our own spiral so that each woman can take a tool home, that greatly facilitates the connection with herself.

Intensive Study Group
This study group is dedicated to women who want to dive deeper into their personal study of their menstrual cycle, feminine strength and reconnection to their natural being.

More information soon.

Drop me a Line if you feel the calling or want to stay tuned for more

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